March 29, 2023
Half-Life Decay Richard Keller before and after fan remake, with the swimming pool after and before remake behind him

The event work for this fan-made Half-Life: Decay remake is in full swing.

half life Has a PlayStation 2 port that comes with Exclusive expansion developed by the gearbox named Decay. A joint marketing campaign that includes Gina Cross and Colette Inexperienced, each sporting the HEV outfits lacking from the bottom sport – nonetheless no clue the place Gordon Freeman’s helmet is, thoughts you. Skip ahead 22 years and followers intention to present it Black Mesa treatment with its personal model.

“Loads has been performed within the final half 12 months” Peer Review moddb page talked about in an replace put up. “Two new missions are absolutely playable front-to-back: Floor Name and Resonance… Issues are literally getting fairly lengthy and playtesting is changing into an more and more massive logistical hurdle. The truth is, we’re planning to open playtesting apps very quickly! We’ll have extra info on that , so hold your eyes peeled in the event you’re prepared to sacrifice your enjoyment for the sport to be higher.”


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To this replace put up, Dr. It was accompanied by the announcement of Keller (one of many principal characters pictured above) and new character artist Paai, who created fashions for the Snarks. We additionally obtained a recent take a look at most of the maps by means of the art work for Code Inexperienced’s ATC constructing. The challenge is in search of voice-over and writing positions in addition to extra 3D artists and character artists, so volunteer spots are open if that fits you.

Half-Life Decay Fan Remake Domestic Violence map

If you have not performed or heard of Decay earlier than, it was certainly one of three licensed Half-Life expansions developed by Gearbox. barney calhoun) acquisition own fan-made version. Nevertheless, Decay was developed for PS2 solely, and by revealing who despatched the provider to Gordon Freeman, it began the entire chain of occasions that led to 1 in Half-Life, one in Opposed Drive, after which three completely different alien invasions. Mix earlier than Half-Life 2.

One of many two playable characters, Gina Cross, is definitely the holographic assistant in Half-Life coaching, so we are able to exchange her and kick some alien’s ass, just a bit much less clear.

Followers have already ported Decay to PC, even turning it right into a single-player expertise, so it is obtainable proper now if you wish to strive it, but when the previous bullshit is an excessive amount of, there’s this fan-made remake.

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